SILENT 2 Electro - Photo FAQ
The FES is a magnificent piece of engineering!

The highly efficient 22kW brushless out-runner motor is installed in the nose, driving a folding propeller. The power chain is aerodynamically clean and capable of self-launching within about 100m on a hard runway (~120m on grass). The system is effectively maintenance free and operationally very uncomplicated compared to a retractable power plant.

Each wing panel weighs only 34kg and makes the SILENT 2 Electro an absolute delight to rig. You wont loose your friends at the gliding club!

The very elegant winglets are standard and are easily removable.




Cockpit width is 560mm measured across the aft corners of the canopy frame and narrowing to 540 mm in the middle. With the optional deeper seat-pan, it is generous enough even for the tallest pilot. Alberto shown here is 1.97m tall!


The optional impact absorbing seat cushion is filled with the well documented and proven combination of CONFOR C47 and C45 safety foam - for ultimate cockpit safety and comfort.









Cockpit load varies according to options and equipment installed, but maximum cockpit load is typically in the region of 90-100 kg.

The MTOW can be increased to 315 kg when the Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) is installed.


Basic instruments (Altimeter, Variometer & Airspeed Indicator) are included in the Standard Configuration, but any combination of instruments can be installed according to individual customer requirements.

The standard Environmental Noise Level (ENL) sensors installed in most IGC Flight Recorders work effectively with the FES provided that these are installed in the panel.

The Remote Stick option on high-end flight computers is a popular choice.




The Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) is the well proven Magnum 300 type, installed just aft of the cockpit. Apart from the obvious safety benefits, installation of the BRS also increases the MTOW from 300 kg to 315 kg.





The Steerable Tail-Wheel option is best suited for self-launch and aero-tow. The fixed tail-wheel is recommended for winch launching.





The high brightness Strobe Light option in the fin helps to ensure that you will be seen in busy thermals. The strobe is enabled via a switch on the panel. 





Installation of both nose and/or belly hooks are available as options. While the belly hook can be used for both winch and aero-tow launching, the nose hook is for aero-tow only.




The battery packs weighs 13.5 kg each and are installed very near the centre of gravity.

Each pack contains 14 cells and a highly sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) via which the status of each individual cell is carefully monitored. The batteries are easily removed for charging.

The Battery Charger Container option allows safe on-board storage of the battery charger(s) - enabling touring flights in the SILENT 2 Electro!




A typical Battery Charging Station. Two 600 W chargers are supplied as part of the Standard Configuration. A larger capacity 1200 W charger is also available as an option.

The charging time for one battery pack with using the larger 1200W charger is about 150 minutes from a fully discharged condition. The smaller 600W charger takes twice as long per battery, but with two chargers active you achieve the same end result! There is naturally also an element of redundancy in having two chargers.


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