All our products have been developed by glider pilots for glider pilots. We are passionate about all we do and we most sincerely hope that you will sense some of our passion for the sport through your dealings with us!

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Manufactured by Alisport Srl, in Italy, the SILENT 2 Electro - is a new generation self-launching microlight glider to fit the new FAI 13.5m class.

The only self-launching sailplane using the Front Electric Sustainer (FES) in serial production. It is capable of both unassisted take-off and periods of powered flight - as may be required to sustain soaring flight.

The Front Electric Sustainer/Self-launcher (FES).

This innovative solution produced by LZ Design includes the entire drive train including the battery and battery management system, a very comprehensive motor controller, a brushless motor and folding propeller.


The IDROVARIO range very high quality hydraulically controlled variable-pitch carbon-fibre propellers produced by Alisport SRL - ideally suited to the Rotax engines on the range 80 - 115 HP.

Trailers for gliders, motor gliders, microlight aircraft, gyroplanes and balloons - that are built to last by ANSCHAU TECHNIK.  Attention to detail and general product quality is second to none - and ANSCHAU will also undertake to re-furbish old trailers!


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