Our products are developed by glider pilots for glider pilots. We are passionate about all we do and we most sincerely hope that you will sense some of our passion for the sport through your dealings with us!

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Manufactured by Alisport Srl, in Italy, the SILENT 2 Electro - is a new generation self-launching microlight glider to fit the new FAI 13.5m class.

With a highly efficient brushless electric motor installed in the nose, the SILENT 2 Electro is capable of both unassisted take-off and shorter periods of powered flight - as may be required to sustain soaring flight.

The GliderGuider is a purpose built handheld computer designed to run a selection of the most popular soaring software applications - including SeeYou Mobile, LK8000, XCSoar, WinPilot, and Memory Map!
The GliderGuider is no ordinary Personal Navigation Assistant (PNA).
It offers several very significant features:

- V
ery bright 5" display - comfortably readable even in direct sunlight.
- H
igh performance GPS Engine - optimised for life in the air.
- Serial Interface
- for integration with a variety of external instruments.
- Application Neutral - run the moving-map application of your choice.

Read what other pilots are saying about it - and thanks to all those who have provided feedback - its much appreciated!

Power/Data Interface Cables - for the GliderGuider.

Our purpose built power/data interface cable provides a 5V regulator to power the GliderGuider from your 12V supply and a Serial Data converter to suit a wide selection of external instruments, including Vario Systems, Flight Recorders and FLARM units. We also offer a simple 12/5V adaptor.

LED Battery Monitor.

Our LED Battery Monitor shows the condition of your glider battery with the aid of single LED and occupies no more than 6.5mm panel space!

Bumper Stickers.

Our Bumper Stickers are a firm favourite among Glider Pilots, both here in the UK and abroad! A stylised glider profile design, based on the image in our logo, precision cut from quality outdoor vinyl and available in four contrasting colours.

Hand Painted Silk Ties.

Hand painted silk ties - each one an individual work or art!

A quality silk tie in shades of blue. The design is based on a stylised outline of a glider soaring among the best looking cumulus clouds you could ever imagine.

If you only have one tie in your wardrobe - this is the one to have!


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